Get Crafty for the Holidays


Finding evidence of the growing trend of miniature gardening – we’ll take it in any form it comes in!

Great Gifts for the Gardener

Getting Crafty this Holiday Season

By Janit Calvo
December 8, 2009

I think we’re being watched.Get a little crafty in the miniature garden with Two Green Thumbs!


I was on my annual search for things to use in our miniature gardens the other day and found out that our little hobby is quickly becoming a definite trend. I was scouting Michaels Crafts, and JoAnn’s Crafts to see if there was anything we could use, or adapt, for our mini garden holiday decorations.

Miniature ornaments of all styles, shapes and colors are now available.

I think they are on to us…

And it looks like our work is paying off, my friend! Miniature gardening is quickly becoming a favorite form of “going green” and the big box stores have finally caught up to us. After all, it’s the perfect blend of two favorite hobbies: miniatures and gardening.

Miniature ornaments made to look like the old fashioned, hand-blown glass ornaments from ye olden days of yore…

Give the gift that can last a lifetime: the joy of miniature gardening!

Maybe somebody has been monitoring us along the way?

Browsing the aisles at Michael’s Crafts, there were multitudes of different miniature ornaments to use! Small nutcrackers, tiny wooden trains, satin balls, there was even a mini version of those collectible blown-glass ornaments for a little old world charm. (Pun intentional.)

Mini lights and spotlights by Lemax are perfect for indoor scenes. (JoAnn’s Crafts has some too!)

Do you think there are spies watching our Facebook page?Janit's Mini Garden Etsy Store

I found miniature spotlights and tiny tree lights that are perfect to use for our wee Christmas trees. Made by Lemax, they are meant for those wee holiday scenes that fill up the mantle every December at Grandma’s house. And there are a bunch of different lighted accessories that you can buy separately too – although I’d keep these lights inside if it is wet out. Oh, and pick up an adapter, to save on batteries!

There is a wonderful assortment of ribbon that you can use for your mini garland. Think bright colors to stand out against the greens of the garden.

Maybe it’s Martha Stewart, she’s big enough to pay someone to monitor us.

Look for your miniature garland in the ribbon section. If you haven’t been to a craft store lately (or a website) they are leaps and bounds into wrapping of all sorts – and the ribbons to go with. Think a bit outside the box for a little fun, a string of pompoms for example, would add a fun pattern and solid color to your wee holiday tree. Tinsel ribbon, or anything metallic, to add some sparkle – and think bright colors too.

Theme buttons + Lollipop sticks = Mini Garden Stakes!

And Martha is putting wee scenes under her holiday trees this year. Did you checkout her December issue yet?

Checkout the button section too. There are a multitude of seasonal themes, as well as garden themes – and they come in variety packs so you get 6 or 8 different ones that all match. Then go get some lollipop sticks and glue the buttons on the sticks to create your own miniature garden holiday stakes! Fun, easy, the kids could even do it for you.

And the last clue that cinched it all: a miniature beaded ‘heirloom’ tree that you can decorate. Complete with all the miniature ornaments, mini candy canes, a tree skirt and a star to go on top!

Gee, what a great idea. Happy Mini Gardening!

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  1. Thanks for the shopping tips! I can’t wait to go scouting out some miniature decorating items!


  2. What a great idea for Christmas! I love the photo of the finished mini garden. I might give this a try with my kids this Christmas.


  3. Patricia said

    These are adorable. Always enjoyed miniatures of any kind!


  4. Teresa said

    Decorating my miniture garden for Christmas is as much fun as doing our home. I love your ” snow” and so can you tell me how to do snow in the garden too?


    • Hi Teresa!

      We are getting together a blog post on snow for next week! It’s a love/hate thing for us. We love how it looks but we hate to subject our lovely plants to be covered in the fake snow. We prefer the real thing! ;o) – J.


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  6. […] Get Crafty for the Holidays […]


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