Open House at My Favorite Nursery

West Seattle Nursery is having too much fun.

By Janit Calvo
FROM: November 12, 2009.

My favorite nursery is decked out.

West Seattle Nursery is, once again, having way too much fun with change of the seasons.

This weekend, they are hosting the Annual Holiday Open House and store manager, Ingrid Nokes, has decked everything out with more ornaments and fun ideas than ever.

Just how many trees they packed into that store for the season is unknown, but each tree is a different theme, and loaded with decoration and inspiration that you can create for your own home.

For the foodie’s, there is a delicious “food tree” covered in fruit and vegetable ornaments, including collectible glass cauliflower ornaments, bananas and more.

The fabulous “kid’s tree” is a whole lot of fun, with a ton of knitted toys, animals and angels all over it – so much so that you can’t really see the tree. If there are children in your life this holiday season, be sure to check this idea out.

And for the adults, Mary Holdsworth, one of the nursery’s talented staff, is doing a Holiday Wreath building demonstration at the Annual Holiday Open House. Beginning at noon, Mary will show you how to get the results that you want and after the demo, she will help you make your own wreath to take home.

The holiday fun keeps going after Saturday too.

“West Seattle Nurseries Wreath Making Operations” will be up and running from November 14 through to the 24th of December. There will be hot apple cider to warm you up, bring a friend and create your own holiday tradition with all the materials and tools you need right there on hand. If there are any questions, there will be staff to help.

West Seattle Nursery also gives you the opportunity to give back this holiday season, with two different ways to give.

As usual, they’ll be promoting their “$5 Christmas Tree Delivery Fee” where the Nursery will match all $5 donations for the Southwest Youth and Family Services. This is a service that empowers youth and families through culturally relevant counseling, education and family support services in White Center, South Park, Delridge, West Seattle and other neighborhoods, since 1979.

They also have “Giving Angel” ornaments where 100% of the proceeds go to the West Seattle Helpline. The West Seattle Helpline is a non-profit social service agency that is dedicated to helping members of the West Seattle community. They provide information, referrals, and limited financial assistance to help working families in need.
Be sure to drop by this season and visit West Seattle’s only nursery. Great plants, great ideas and great people.


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