A Miniature Pumpkin Garden: Creating Happy Places

A spooky Miniature Garden for a Halloween centerpeice
A spooky Miniature Garden for a Halloween centerpeice made out a ghost pumpkin.

A Miniature Pumpkin Garden: Creating Happy Places

Perhaps it’s the full moon. Or maybe it’s the change in weather. It could be economy. Maybe because it’s autumn. Maybe it’s the news I watched on TV this morning. Maybe it’s….

…maybe it’s just me.

A spooky Miniature Garden Greenhouse for a Halloween centerpeice
It really was quite enchanting with the “mini bonfire” in it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just to take off for a day, a week, or two, whenever you like? For some of us, that idea can be as far away as a rainbow.

So, let’s bring it back here.

Let’s bring it to right now.

Where is your happy place?

We found one that we would love to share with you! Settle-in and we’ll show you our extended miniature vacation. Lol!

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Time to Decorate!

We took a centerpiece that was made just for Halloween – it was a miniature greenhouse carved out of ghost pumpkin where we had cut the pumpkin in half, and carved windows into the top half to make it look like a greenhouse and left the bottom to plant in. We added some young starts, moss and grasses that love to be indoors, and made sure we used “clean” indoor potting soil. Then we added couple of mini pumpkins, a tea light, a wee bench to sit on, a couple of tombstones and created a very, very haunted mini garden for a centerpiece for our Halloween table.

A peaceful miniature garden beach scene in a pumpkin greenhouse
We turned the Halloween centerpiece into something fun to enjoy for a few weeks.

And now, we want to turn that into a another happy place to extend our ROI (return on investment :o) a bit further and pack up the Halloween décor until next year.

Keep in mind that this is planted in a pumpkin and will ONLY LAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Keep on a plate too keep it cool and enjoy it while it lasts.

Time for a Holiday

We took out the tea light out and put in a wee pool with that lovely Caribbean blue color. Added miniature garden art: a rusted fish stake. Poured a beach on one side of the pond with some superfine sand, sprinkled in some tiny beads to add some sparkle and zest to the scene. Found some tiny shells  – and oh, don’t forget a log to sit on!

Ahhhh, now isn’t that better? Now, you can escape anytime you like.

A peaceful miniature garden beach scene in a pumpkin greenhouse!
Change out a couple of accessories and voila: A peaceful miniature garden beach scene!

Plants used:
– Variegated Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens ‘Variegata’
– Miniature Sweet Flag, Acorus gramineus ‘Pusillus’
– 2 different mosses found growing on soil.

Find your miniature garden plants and accessories here.

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4 thoughts on “A Miniature Pumpkin Garden: Creating Happy Places

  1. Love it !! What a great idea !!!


  2. Truly inspiring, what an original thing to do with a pumpkin and an original location for miniature gardening. Love it!


  3. This is so beautiful! I’m in love! 🙂


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