Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state.

Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state.

Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

REBLOG from Stardate: September 23, 2009.

I often feel like a mad scientist. Trying out completely different things that just might work together.

In art college, one of my final thesis projects (1996) was an interactive, computer controlled kinetic painting. I applied electronics and motors to painted panels mounted on a larger board. I had help designing a software program to turn the motors in either direction, randomly. All the panels were activated by a digital platform to turn it on for random amounts of time. The idea was to give each viewer a completely different experience of the painting.

I know, whacky. The painting department didn’t like the electronics, and the electronic department didn’t care for the painting aspect. I knew I was truly onto something, blending two things to create another.

But, I guess that was part of the reason that I got into the business of miniature gardening in the first place. It was because there wasn’t a book in the library on “How to Start a Miniature Garden Business.”

Heck, there weren’t even any Web sites that referenced anything remotely like it. When I Googled “miniature garden,” all I would get would be an artificial garden or two attached to dollhouses. Nothing living, no leaf, soil or plant to be found.

Not even garden railroads or fairy gardens. Where was everyone?

So, I started experimenting back then and came up with an number of fun and interesting solutions to our everyday miniature garden problems, and continue to do so today. Ten years of solid research. When was my last vacation, anyway?

So, the other day, I was finally convinced that my latest experiment was ready for the public eye. I twittered it a couple of times and put in on the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Facebook page and asked everyone what they thought of my new miniature terrarium idea: too cute, or too small?

The consensus: One Depends, five Likes, one Too Cute and one Too Small. (You can see my feedback rate isn’t very good!)

Hmmmm, and the winner is?

Maybe I’ll go back to the drawing board.

Miniature Moss Terrariums. It’s bound to catch on somehow.

UPDATE to September 16, 2014. Five years and hundreds of sales later…. Find your Miniature Moss Terrarium up in our Etsy store here, where all our one of a kind items and sets are.



  1. analae said

    I love it! I’m not sure how I would manage the tiny glass dishes, but I love the idea!


  2. Lynette said

    This is adorable!!! Pleeeeease….where did you get the teeny cloche?????
    I collect them – have all sizes and some colors….oh pleeeeease???????


  3. Chrisi said

    Just wondering, how small is your terrarium container? If its as small as it looks i think its just darling! Ive been making terrariums for ten years or so and have been doing as part of my business for a few… I was happy to find your lovely blog today!


    • JanitC said

      Hi Chrisi! I have two sizes, one is about 1/2″ from base to handle and the other is about 3/4″… Very fun. I’m trying to get some to post in the store – and include the moss to go in it with instructions too. Extreme miniature gardening at it’s finest! Thanks for your comments!! Best, Janit


  4. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!


  5. Reblogged this on The Mini Garden Guru – Your Miniature Garden Source and commented:

    A Reblog and an update on a whimsical product idea – only from your Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. We’ve since sold hundreds of these little charmers:


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