Miniature Garden Newsletter, August, 2009.

Miniature Garden Newsletter

August 13, 2009

In this Issue ~ New Ideas ~ Mini Garden To Do’s ~ Website News

A Miniature Garden to go.

A Miniature Garden to go.

A Miniature Garden to go - close up.

A Miniature Garden to go - close up.

Twig Trugs ~ now you can take it with you!  ;o)

A Mini - Miniature Garden Kit for indoors or out.

A Mini - Miniature Garden Kit for indoors or out.

New Arbor & Fairy Vine Kit – great for indoors or out…

Miniature Garden Kit with Eldwood's Cypress.

Miniature Garden Kit with Elwood's Cypress.

Bring the outdoors indoors for the winter!
Elwood’s Miniature Garden Kit is just too cute.

Mini Garden To Do’s
Clean out your Conifers!
All conifers shed their leaves, they just do it a little differently.

Most of the tiny conifers will hold their dead leaves in the center of the shrub which prevents air and light getting through to the trunk. If this dead stuff isn’t cleaned out, it will eventually choke the wee tree to death. It’s called “Conifer Dieback,” check for it often (I will remind you too) and here’s what to do:

Get some gloves and gently work your fingers into the shrub’s center. Like shampooing someone’s hair but without the shampoo. This gently sloughing off will shed the dead needles to the ground, where you can use a fork as a rake to tidy up afterwards. (You laugh ~ but it works!)

These trees are tougher than you think and you won’t break any branches by doing this if you are gentle. The living, green branches are bendable and can tolerate a little “hands on” maintenance. As most trees grow, the branches will spread out from the trunk, and this won’t be necessary – it’s just while they are still young and small.

Crusty Layers & Watering
It’s the time of year to do this with all your containers and miniature gardens. Break up that crusty layer that has formed on the top of the soil with a fork, a stick or your weeder. This crust directs water down the sides of the pot, not in the center where the roots need it.

Be sure to soak your containers at least once every couple of weeks to make sure they are getting the water they need. (Uh, for those not getting the rain!) If you have those little fruit flies hovering around, you are overwatering!

Website News

I’m redoing the main website in a couple of weeks. The library will be closed for awhile for renovating and to prepare for the new book release. (!) If you need anything from it, be sure to print it out. Or, you can always call or email me for the information too. I’m always glad to talk to a fellow miniature gardener!

~>Thank you for your feedback on our new newsletter everyone! It’s for you, so tell me what you want and what you like!!

Thanks again and whatever you do, make it fun,



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