[ Insert much rejoicing here – Part 1]

How does that song go? "Looking for a place where I can lay my (garden) (bed.)" On the hunt for a new garden - with a house attached... and dreaming and scheming...

How does that song go? "Looking for a place where I can lay my (garden) (bed.)" On the hunt for a new garden - with a house attached... and dreaming and scheming...

A Garden For All: [ Insert much rejoicing here – Part 1]

By Janit Calvo
July 18, 2009

I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m finally going to get a garden that I can call my own! Alright, there will be a house on the lot, too – we’ll save the interior stuff for the cold rainy months, eh?

And, I mean, well, all of my past gardens were mine, I guess ~ when I was living in the many rental houses throughout my 25 “adult” years. Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle – but this one, it’s really gonna be mine. All. Mine.

Alright, ok, it’ll be the DH’s too!

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we’ve got it together to start looking for a house to call our very own!

Which gets my mind reeling at the possibilities.

Maybe we’ll have four completely different gardens on all fours sides of the house. That way, I can go hang out in whatever garden suits my mood ~ Ha! What a fun thought!

We’ll definitely have a flower garden, full of lovely bulbs and perennials staged to bloom all year. We would love to have a big front porch to sit on and surround ourselves with flowering containers year-round.

Maybe we’ll build a small pond in the back with a fountain. We’ll try just a couple of goldfish at first – to test the raccoon situation – then we can either get more fish, or just have water plants. Oh my, such decisions!

We’ll definitely have a vegetable garden – I think that’s been the only mainstay in my garden life throughout the last 25 years. I love going out the garden for dinner in both manners, picking the food and eating it.

There will have to be some lawn – just enough to lay a big blanket on and get lost in a book with my future dog. And, the real truth be told, so I can emulate Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, and say, “Get the **** off my lawn!” whenever the moment arises. Man, isn’t he is the coolest gardener ever?

There will be a spot for a rambling rose arbor. That’s for sure.

Can’t forget about my beloved conifers collection. They will probably be sprinkled throughout the other beds to get them in the right places.

And there will be a spot for a tropical garden that surrounds the hot tub. And an outdoor shower.

And, of course, my miniature gardens, too. Now I can really go to town with different themes and create to my hearts delight!





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