Cindy’s Fairy Garden

A Garden For All: Cindy’s fairy garden

I often get little notes from my fellow mini gardeners saying how much they enjoy their gardens, and sometimes I get photo essays from my customers, too.

I received this one the other day from Cindy Sapore in Spokane, Wash., and I thought you might like to see it. It looks like she had a bit of fun with her fairy garden:

“This is Cindy in Spokane. I heard you speak at The Inland Empire Gardener’s Meeting last year. You gave me the great start to my own Fairy Garden.

Alas, the winter was tough and killed my trees, so I anxiously waited for you to arrive this year at the Garden Expo here in Spokane. Well everything is set up and here are my pictures. I am looking forward to adding to this and expanding on it. Tell me how these come out, if they do 🙂 Happy gardening and thank you for the inspiration…Cindy.

“Three years ago, I bought this great art piece: a table made out of birch wood/branches with a planting box. When you came in 2008 to visit our garden club, I knew exactly the purpose for this stand. Although the plants from 2008 died over the winter, here are the plants and items I bought from you at the 2009 Garden Expo.

“The garden is situated where the Fairies can watch everything that is going on in the yard and home, including a waterfall and pond close by, squirrels running along the fence behind them and feeding, and 2 ducks and a goose meandering around on our city lot. The fairies have a flickering candle to keep their area magically lit at night.

“The large pine cone on the back left is actually their home, I do intend to really do that up nicely later on with doors, windows and curtains. I lined the table with the sheet moss, hoping it would help keep the soil in the stand, and keep the plants/soil moist longer.

“Even the fairy-squirrels love to visit. I am sure as more time passes more fairy animals will come to visit and stay. The small pond to the right is made from dragon tears.

“I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Janit. I can understand how it makes you feel you want to go right out and play…after all you are the one that inspired me to think outside the box. It really looks much better in person though. I am flattered you want to add them to your site. Please feel free to blog and post whatever you would like anywhere you chose.

Thanks for everything! Cindy.”

And this is one thing that really stands out to me, in discovering this new business. My customers are such genuinely nice people!

Sure, I get the odd stress-bunny yelling at me for making a mistake, but, on the whole, miniature gardeners are great people! Maybe it’s the combination of the grounding of gardening and the fantasy of miniatures ~ but that might well be another blog!

Happy gardening!


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