Hidden Value at Your Local Nursery.

Here is a mini beach garden scene from the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center and West Seattle Nursery display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in 2006.

Here is a mini beach garden scene from the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center and West Seattle Nursery display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in 2006.

A Garden For All: Hidden value at West Seattle Nursery

“Do I have to fertilize my lawn now, it doesn’t look like it needs it?”

“Can I use Osmocote on my vegetable garden?”

“I’ve got a plant in my garden that has a huge flower, and smells bad, what is it?”

These are just some of the questions I’ve asked West Seattle Nursery over the years. I know what to do with miniature gardens, and have let my knowledge of life-sized gardening slip a bit. But I have no worries ~ I have my local nursery!

Please note that answers to questions like these, will not be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store, but you can find them at your local nursery, or garden center.

(I mean, really, it’s like going to an Italian restaurant and asking for chow mien. Drug stores are for suntan lotion and toothpaste – not for plants. You know the saying, “When in Rome…?” You get a ton of hidden value at your local nursery – and better quality plants to boot! Make some friends, get some answers, and grow something different this year. Heck, what have you got to lose?)

And it’s always fun to visit the West Seattle Nursery to see what’s up. They are a great group of people who can answer any question on any plant. They are like walking encyclopedias.

I can describe a plant, and they’ll know its name. I can take a branch of something in for identification, and someone will know exactly what that plant is, and what care it needs.

They should be on Jeopardy, I tell ya.

Earlier this spring, the staff went the extra mile in offering up their owner, Mark, to the sun gods. Remember that rainy period where we were all considering building an arc? And here they were, unselfishly giving us a way out. How’s that for community spirit?

West Seattle Nursery really caught my heart when I first walked in there more than six years ago. They make an extra effort to carry local garden art. It’s not easy. I’ve been a curator before, and I know it’s a bit challenging to work with the local divas and prima donnas – but it’s well worth it, I find, to walk in there and see different things all the time.

Check out the one-of-a-kind artwork that you won’t find at the Joneses next door.

The staff takes turns in teaching classes, too. It’s always fun to learn from someone you know, it makes for a very comfortable atmosphere. Remember, the gals are walking encyclopedias, so bring your questions with you!

The next class is Colorful Containers taught by Mary Holdsworth. Learn how to use a variety of plants to create a lush beautiful display to last throughout the summer. (More info here.)

But the ultimate coo is, I’ve got them miniature gardening! You can find a nice of selection of plants and trees for your miniature pleasure just to the left of the front door.

They buy from different growers, so it’s a chance to see, and buy, a different tree or shrub for your miniature garden. Feed your hobby and support your local nursery at the same time.


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