Gardening for Apartments and Condos

A Garden for All: Apartments, condos and small spaces

I think I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the number of Web sites that cater to apartment or condominium owners and I’m not sure I like what I see. Pages after pages of wonderfully decorated rooms, highlighting all the many possibilities that one can achieve in a small space. But where are the plants?

Can I see just one plant? On a windowsill? As a centerpiece? The kitchen counter?

I guess it’s just my plant-aholic nature to surround myself with living green things, but I keep scrolling through these Web sites, in the hopes that I see what solutions people in small spaces have come up with.

There are many different types of plants out there, and they don’t have to be high maintenance, make a big mess, or tie you down in any way. Here’s a quick trip through a couple of different ideas to get you started.

Succulents are one of my favorite family of plants. They store the water in their leaves, so they are pretty easy to care for. You let them dry out completely between waterings, so there is no-worries in that regard. Some can take direct sun, and others will want bright, indirect light – which is a fancy way of saying “behind a sheer curtain.”

Cacti are an old stand-by and sometimes sound boring – until you see all the shapes, colors, flowers and sizes that are available. Don’t have any windowsills? You can get a hanging and trailing one too.

Terrariums are under rated. The main principle is that you choose plants that enjoy wet to damp environments to begin with. Some terrariums are open and some are closed – this will depend if you want very little maintenance, or just a little maintenance.

Carnivorous plants are dead easy to grow too. (Pardon my intentional pun.) They like water. All you need is the right pot set-up, and there are many small, medium and larger plants to choose from. Got kids? They’ll love these plants – and it’s a great learning situation for the young gardeners, too!

Need something a little more dramatic? There are multitudes of plants out there that can tolerate the different light, and air, situations in your condo, or apartment, and some even enjoy low light conditions, too.

You just need to know where to find everything now.

Seattleites, you have a terrific resource available to you, right in downtown Fremont. The Indoor Sun Shoppe has all the above, and a lot more to help you get a little green into your life.

The staff is very knowledgeable; so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. They always have a ton of plants everywhere, so be prepared to spend a little time in there to find your new friend. They have the pots and the soil, too – one stop shopping for small space gardening at it’s finest!

Want something completely different for your indoor miniature garden? Yup! They have that, too!

Happy Earth Day and viva la vida verde! Oh, and tell ‘em Janit sent ya!

The Indoor Sun Shoppe ~ ~ and is located at 60 N. Canal St., 34th and Phinney in Fremont, 206-634-3727.

Visit Janit’s Web site; Her online store is, 206-352-0494.


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