Waiting for Spring in the Miniature Garden.

Bursting buds on a wee Canada Hemlock. Tsuga canadensis 'Loowit'

Bursting buds on a wee Canada Hemlock. Look to your miniature and dwarf conifers for proof that spring is finally here! (Tsuga canadensis ‘Loowit’)

Waiting for Spring in the Miniature Garden.

Janit Calvo
April 1, 2009.

It’s snowing as I write this. April Fools, huh? Hummm…. Let me think for a moment. Oh ya, I remember where I am now, I’m not in Kansas anymore – I’m in Seattle. Did someone forget to order spring?

So, what to do? We want to get out in the garden. We jumped on that one spring-like day and worked madly for as long as we could – but it was only one day. Ok, there was that other day, about a week ago too, remember?

We need to appease our inner gardener. It’s spring. Here are some ideas to get you gardening.

“If it starts to rain, keep on dancing the in rain.” – Van Morrison

Rain is Good

It’s really not so bad to don your rain gear and get out in it. With your “space-suit” on and an iPhone playing your favorite music, you instantly create your very own bubble. You can drown out the neighbor’s band practice, and have a lovely time getting some much-needed chores done. It is a good idea to have a couple pairs of garden gloves so when one pair gets wet, you can change into dry ones, and keep going.

If you’re going out to garden now, don’t play too much in the soil when it is wet, as you’ll do more harm than good. But, you can pull some weeds, clean up the debris in the beds, and maybe do some pruning too. Put your empty pots out in the rain to get washed, and take a scrub brush to them if needed. There’s nothing like puttering, tidying or container gardening in the garden shed, or on the porch, with the rain pattering on the roof.

Divide and Share

This cold spring has given us a little more time to dig up and divide some of our perennials if you haven’t already done so. Plant the divisions in different parts of the garden to create a more cohesive, overall design. Watch out for the plants that you can’t see yet! And do take care to mix up the foliage textures a bit: contrast leaf textures and match, or compliment, leaf color so it doesn’t look too sketchy. Share unwanted divisions with your neighbors, or plant them up in pots to donate to a charity sale later on.

Armchair Miniature Gardening

There is always virtual gardening too. Please visit our new main website, MiniatureGarden.com, where we’ve collected all our online work throughout the last 15 years into one go-to website. See it here.

Like this? Join us and thousands of other like-minded miniature gardeners for your weekly Mini Garden Gazette. It’s free! Sign up here: TwoGreenThumbs.com



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