Garden as Metaphor

A stately looking Canada Hemlock 'Jervis' - in a miniature garden.

A stately looking Canada Hemlock 'Jervis' - in a miniature garden.

Garden as Metaphor: The life span of trees.

By Janit Calvo
February 13, 2009.
Have you ever loved a tree? A huge, stately tree that has always been there. You admire it every time you see it, and secretly resist the urge to stop and climb it. Or, maybe to just sit on it’s branch-like-arms, even if just for a little while, and let its majesty soak in.

And then, one day, it’s gone.

Most times, you never had a clue it was close to the end of its life span – it was just always there. You can see the stump and the fresh sawdust still on the ground, and all that’s left above is big sky. You may go by in a few days to see the stump has been ground down even further, preparations made for something new.

We have a similar thing happening in our garden community here in Seattle. The Northwest Flower and Garden Shows have always been there – or it seemed so. After 21 years of bringing the big show to our fair city, the owner is taking his ball and going home, even if he can’t find any buyers.

But, unlike that big tree that was gone all of a sudden, we now have a chance to pay homage, to visit with, to spend some time reveling in the magic created by many. We have time to still be a part of it, and to say, “I was there, and I saw it.”

In George Ball’s blog, Heronswood Voice, (you remember the guy that bought the famous Heronswood Gardens), when commenting on our show’s demise, he states that “A 5-day, 60,000 attendee gardening exposition is kaput.” This could very well be true – but then he doesn’t live in the Evergreen State either. And, if this Show doesn’t go away, it will change at the very least.

So, go to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show next week. Take in the huge display gardens, and peruse the plant market to see all the green. Spend some time at a seminar that might interest you. Say hi to Seattle’s only professional miniature gardener (me) in booth #2420 ;-). You know, take it all in and enjoy it.

Because even if you are not a gardener, you’ll still be able to say, years from now, “I remember when…”

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