Create Happy Moments

A Garden for All: Create happy moments in the garden.

Janit Calvo
February 7, 2009.
Don’t you just love it when you have to stop, and look at something that has caught your eye, and it turns out to be a nice surprise? It happened to me the other day on the way back from an errand at the Junction. I’ve walked the same way before, but maybe the hedge was cut further back, or the sun was highlighting it at that very moment, I don’t know, but I’m glad I looked.

It was door off the alley into someone’s garden. (Hey, come on now, I don’t hang out in alleys – I saw it from the sidewalk, ok? 😉 It wasn’t just any door, it was an old wood one and they had put slats across where the window should be. And in those slats were old wood spools, knobs, reels and even an old wooden spoon was tied to it. It was very effective and quite beautiful. I stopped and quickly took a picture with my phone – I had to!

Gardening is ripe with these types of opportunities. Recycle something that would otherwise be landfill. Reuse something that would stand out and make a statement. Create happy moments for yourself, and for others. Wood, stone, metal, ceramic, glass, fortunately there are a lot of materials that suit the garden quite well. Think outside the box the next time you’re about to throw something out, and hang it or stake it in the garden to create a happy moment.

And, much more importantly, document it! If you see something that’s worth taking a second look at, chances are others will appreciate it too. Make the effort and grab your camera, get down on your knees and capture the moment. Then you have something to share with others and, you can enjoy it all over again in the telling.

Visit Janit’s Web site; Her online store is, 206-352-0494.


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