Get out there now!

1" scale miniature garden. Scene is approximately 3 feet wide.

1" scale miniature garden. Scene is approximately 3 feet wide.

A Garden For All: Get out there now!

By Janit Calvo
February 3, 2009.

It happens every year, spring suddenly surprises us, as if we weren’t sure it was ever going to come at all. This sunny reprieve that we have here in Seattle right now, is just a tease – do remember that it is still winter and it’s only February! But, there’s no need to waste a sun-shiny day, eh?

Because when spring suddenly shines upon us in a couple of months, there are always too many things to do, places to go, seeds to sow, and chairs to lounge upon in the sunshine. If you’re a boater, you’re going to want to be on your boat. If you have kids, you’re going to want to be at the beach, or a park, and if you’re a gardener, you’re going to want to be planting the fun stuff!

Use these in between days right now, to catch up your spring chores and get ahead. Get out in the garden and get those big chores done now. You can schedule one big chore a weekend so you don’t over do it, and maybe a small chore, or two, during the week, because these nights are so nice as of late. Chip away at your spring to-do list gradually, and get a jump-start on your indoor spring chores too – because when it’s really nice out, you want to be too!

Here’s a list of chores to get you thinking about your spring to-do list:

– Pull those winter weeds now, before they go to seed.
– Note the perennials and shrubs that have survived the cold snap – and, if the ground has thawed where you are, you can divide and redistribute your perennials throughout your garden beds for more continuity– or swap with your garden friends!
– Get your dormant pruning done yesterday! The wee buds are already out here in West Seattle!
– Make some teepees for your beans and tomatoes out of the cuttings from the trees that you just pruned.
– Clean out your conifers to prevent die-back.
– Till, turn and amend your vegetable beds.
– Plan your veggie strategy for the spring and summer – mark your re-sows on your calendar to free up your head for more dreaming and scheming.
– Clean out containers and pots to get ready for your annuals and fun veggies.
– Churn up the soil in all your pots to get better water absorption.
– Note the containers that will need repotting and start the process.
– Tend to the compost – turn it if it hasn’t been turned in a couple months.
– Inside plant chores: spray-mist your plants to wash the dust off the leaves. I like to put them all in the shower and let them feel the “rain”.
– Have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

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