Time to go hunting.

Chair is about 1 1/2 inches long.

Bench is about 1 1/2 inches long.

A Garden for All: Time to go hunting.

By Janit Calvo
January 2, 2009.

Now’s the time to go a-hunting!

Search the stores for your miniature garden accessories now, while the sales are on. Here are a few tips on where to look for your wee accessories, and then what to do with them when you get them home. With everything on sale, it’ll keep your costs down in the springtime, you’ll already have some items to play with, and you can spend your time enjoying the spring weather in the garden, instead of in the stores.

Garden centers and nurseries are a great place to start your search. They usually have a selection of tree ornaments that are garden oriented – and they want to get rid of them all right now! Look for twig furniture and trellis material, quirky gnomes or fairy figures, small tool sets and wee watering cans. I saw a garland that was a small picket fence – this could be cut up in lengths and fastened with wire so it can be staked into the ground wherever you want it.

Look for stores that carry the Department 56 Village line, some of the props make excellent miniature garden accessories. You’ve seen the buildings that they create for all sorts of occasions, and there are a lot of accessories to go with them too. These items are mostly made of resin and hold up really well in the sun and rain. Look for furniture, lampposts, walls and gates, wee stairs and anything else outdoorsy. Collect holiday items on sale for next year too!

Jo-Ann’s Craft Stores carry a copycat line of the Department 56 Christmas villages that are less expensive, and with the deep discounts that Jo-Ann’s normally has, you should be able to get them for a song. I found some great resin benches that are still in my miniature garden after several years – and they haven’t weathered or faded at all.

Now remember, miniature gardens make great personal gifts. So, if you see something that might be great for a gift garden – get it now while it’s on sale! You’ll save money and time later on – and have a great present to give. Think of hobbies, sports or any special interest that your family and friends have, and work on developing a wee garden around it. You can make a statuary piece as a focal point out of just about anything – as long as it’s a small in scale. People love gifts that are a reflection of them.

Remove those holiday bows and plastic cherries by slowly and gently pulling them off. Most of them are glued on with hot glue and can be removed easily. You can use a hair dryer to soften up more stubborn glues by using the low heat setting for a minute or two. Then give it a gentle tug, heat it up again and slowly work that bow off your ornament.

You can always glue other things onto to your ornament to change the theme. There are a lot of waterproof, outdoor glues on the market today – just check with your local hardware store for options – or the glue aisle at Jo-Ann’s while your there.

Oh, and be sure to make, or pick something up that’s just for you and your own wee world. You deserve a treat too

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  1. Anita said

    do you know where i can buy some of these miniature furniture? this is quite urgent as i have my grandchilds birthday coming up soon!
    thanking you in advance………….. GREAT WEBSITE


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