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Miniature & Fairy Gardeners:
Enjoy A Cyber Monday Sale All Week Long
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Happy Thanksgiving in the Miniature Garden


Happy Thanksgiving from!

Happy Thanksgiving in the Miniature Garden

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is what Steve and I got up to yesterday. We made a miniature Thanksgiving Day dinner. Yes. As a matter of fact we are obsessed with miniatures. Lol!

  • The turkey is a Cornish game hen, it’s about 7″ long. (I didn’t think to un-stuff it!! Arg!)
  • The baked potato is 2 1/2″ long.
  • Baby carrots, small sweet potatoes and miniature corn (found in the Asian section in the store.)
  • The tiny buns were made from cutting frozen bun-dough into quarters and bake them as instructed.

The plates and cutlery are from a vintage child’s play dish set, 1/4 scale it’s called. We love how they resemble the old Corningware dishes from Grandma’s house. We found the shot glasses at Ikea and the silver tray at an antique market.

Happy Thanksgiving from! Happy Thanksgiving from! Happy Thanksgiving from! Happy Thanksgiving from! Happy Thanksgiving from! Happy Thanksgiving from!

Visit Your Miniature Garden Center here – indoor ideas are now in stock!


Happy Thanksgiving from!

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A Sweet Lil’ DIY for Fall in the Miniature Garden


Mini DIY for fall for your Mini Garden or Fairy Garden!

A Sweet Lil’ DIY for Fall in the Miniature Garden

OMG! It’s going to be sunny and dry for the next four days! Yippee! Okay, maybe I’ll let the miniature garden dry out for two days and then book the weekend for gardening. See what we have to do here the Pacific Northwest? We need to make dates with our garden and hope the weather cooperates. Working soil when it’s wet will destroy all the little micro stuff in the soil and it’ll become dirt. So, we wait. And hope. And make miniatures. Lol!

But before I clean up all the leaves in the mini garden, let’s do a Thanksgiving Day DIY! This one came from a combination of craft projects found on Melissa’s The Empress of Dirt blog and Patti’s Garden Matter blog. Both blogs are very popular and filled with a ton (and that’s not a joke – really, how do they do it all?) home and garden DIYs, creative decorating ideas, yummy recipes and just about everything handmade. They make me want to quit my day job and play all day.


Thanksgiving DIY for the Mini Garden from!


I took Melissa’s Falling Leaf Project but preserved and mounted the leaves like Patti’s Leaf Garland Project and I came up with a Miniature Leaf Chandelier. It was so fun and easy to do and I’ll think you’ll get the idea when you see the photo and the ingredients!


Thanksgiving DIY for the Mini Garden from!

You’ll need:

– The smallest leaves you can find in bright colors
Modge Podge (I use the outdoor one.)
– Wire, optional 2 sizes, thick & thin
– Ribbon
Wire snips
Flat-nosed pliers
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun with glue




Thanksgiving DIY for the Mini Garden from!

These are from full-sized trees. I just looked a bit harder for the small ones.


Preserve the leaf: I preserved the leaves with Outdoor Modge Podge and it helped painting one side of the leaf at a time and letting it dry instead of trying to do the whole leaf at once. Use a piece of plastic or waxed paper to paint on and they won’t stick.

Get wired: I choose that fun green wire because its easy to bend and I wanted the green to show through for a extra splash of color, but you can easily cover the wire with more leaves. Use flat-nosed pliers so you don’t leave a ding-mark (a technical term) in the soft wire.

Tie it off: Tie the ribbon on before you start gluing so you can hide it with the leaves. Instead of the ribbon, you can use invisible thread or fishing line to create a floating chandelier.

Glue it to it: And I used hot-glue to put on the leaves. I don’t plan on leaving this outside so I wasn’t worried about weatherproofing it.

More to make: Find our previous Thanksgiving DIYs here. You can make garden stake and a miniature cornucopia for your mini Thanksgiving table!


Thanksgiving DIY for the Mini Garden from!

1. Irish moss 2. Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’ 3. Nana Hinoki Cypress 4. Euonymous microphylla 5. Elf Dwarf Spruce 6. Variegated Euonymous microphylla. Click the picture to see the plants in our online store sorted by light or by zone. Not all plants are available at all times.


Find the unusual: See pretty red chair, custom painted right here in our studios here. And the wee pot with the Sedum cuttings here.

Like this? Serious about miniature gardening? Want to follow the leaders of the hobby? Join us here to get our new weekly Mini Garden Gazette delivered straight to your inbox every Friday.





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40 Ways to Crafty Garden Made Fun


Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

A brand new book by uber crafter-gardener-blogger, Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy [dot ca] will keep your creative juices flowing all year long.


40 Ways to Crafty Garden Made Fun

The brand new book by fellow miniature gardener, Stephanie Rose of Vancouver, Canada, will need a permanent space next to your workbench. Garden Made: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden & Your Life will definitely keep your creative juices flowing and your workbench jam-packed with year-round inspiration.

The book is made up of 40 different projects that blend the joy of crafting with the fun of gardening. It’s divided into the four seasons although a lot of the projects can be done anytime and/or modified for an occasion or special holiday. The ideas range in difficulty, as well as the time needed to do them, so you can pick a project on a whim for a rainy Sunday afternoon or pre-plan for a more involved project to tinker with over a long weekend.

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

We miniaturized the Rock Spider Sculptures project found on page 124. Once the fine wire was twisted on the tiny rock, we put a dab of crazy glue on the wire-knot to keep them in place. When dry, bend the legs carefully half-way up with a flat-nosed pliers. Add a little flair at the tips of the legs like Stephanie recommended to. Way fun.


Stephanie has included something for everyone too: many of the projects can be easily adapted for children of all ages, like the Bird’s Nest Helpers or the Flower Pounding. And other projects, like creating a Four Element Candle Trough or a Trash-to-Treasure Solar Chandelier (my favorite!) can easily quench an advanced crafter’s thirst for a good DIY. Find more miniature projects inside the book that include Sand Art Terrariums, Hanging Glass Terrariums and more!

Why a full-sized crafting book on the
Mini Garden Guru blog?
Because creativity has babies!

Being creative in all aspects of your life will make you more creative when you get down to the real work of miniature gardening. Besides, it’s really fun exploring full-sized project ideas, to see what fun you can work into miniature!  

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

Stephanie uses full-sized teapots by drilling them (drilling instructions are in the book!) Miniaturize the idea with doll’s tea sets that don’t need drilling. The Sedum cuttings will last for a few weeks with a dash of water now and then.  These would make really fun gifts for your dinner guests to take home. Or create a fun tea party theme for kids with this idea.

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun! Stephanie is a renaissance woman that holds down a very popular website called Garden Therapy – a website chock-full of even more ideas for crafting with and for children, cooking, baking, canning, and just about anything that is cross-pollinated with the garden, food and crafting. Oh, and the beautiful photographs all through her book and her websites, yea – those are hers too. I told you she was a renaissance woman! And yes, I do stalk her around the Internet to see what she is up to. Lol! See more of her work here.

Find the new Garden Made book here: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden & Your Life through our Amazon store here.

Want to learn more about miniature gardening? Join us here.

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with

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Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!!

14 years!

The only job that I held on to for longer is when I worked for my dad – and most of that was not voluntary. Lol!

I’ve rambled on before about all the joys of miniature gardening but the hobby’s “long legs” are the true testament of a really good idea. (Having long legs means the idea will continue for a long time because it’s so rich and deep. ;o) The other true testament of this great hobby is that I’m still interested in gardening in miniature – after 14 years!! 14 years!! ;o)

Miniature, Photo by KateBaldwin

Photo by Kate Baldwin for our Gardening in Miniature book by Timber Press. We now have all the plants you for this project in stock this month!

✿ •*¨`*•. So, Lets Celebrate! .•*¨`*•. ✿

First, new plants and accessories are now in stock.

Mini - miniature garden plants! A Set of 3 different Lawson Cypress.

A tiny set of 3 dwarf Lawson Cypress are now in stock!

See our new set of tiny Lawson false cypress that can be grown indoors in a cool spot or hardened-off and grown outdoors too (Zones 5-9.) Just be sure to acclimatize them either way. (More info on that in the listings!) If you are growing these outdoors, pamper the tiny ones for the first couple of winters because they are so young. The cypresses are actually so small that we can only sell them in a set of three so we can ship them safely. How is that for miniature plants?

And we found some more Ellwood’s Blue False Cypress AND we found some Sugar Vines too! Yippee! NOW YOU can recreate the project in our Gardening in Miniature book shown above on page 174, where we’ve paired it with a young English Boxwood, Sugar Vine (New!) and Baby Tears on the bottom layer. Find the Mini Patio Mix Kit here and you can add a stone sheet for an easy-peasy custom patio that will not wash away when you water it. The green hanging pot is here and the ivory bench is here.

See our indoor plant section here.

Sugar, sugar... It's a sweet and easy vine to grow indoors. Maybe that's why they called it a Sugar vine. ;o)

Sugar, sugar, you are my candy girl… It’s a sweet and easy vine to grow indoors. Maybe that’s why they called it a Sugar vine? ;o)

✿ •*¨`*•. Okay, what else? .•*¨`*•. ✿

We are offering all our Mini Garden Gazette subscribers a SALE!! Yes, you must be a subscriber so click here to subscribe! The sale will last through the end of November so if you see this mid-week and sign-up, you’ll get your discount code in the Gazette on Friday.

ALSO get a FREE gift for any purchase over $30 for the month of November by typing this phrase in the comment box when checking out of the online store: “Happy Anniversary Two Green Thumbs!” Simple, huh? The free gift will match your purchase in scale – which is why we can’t tell you what it is. We’re picky like that and don’t want to give you something you can’t use.

And lastly, have you got your copy of our Gardening in Miniature book yet? It’s the best book on the hobby – hands down. AND we will ship it FREE (!!!) to anywhere in the lower 48 States and Alaska! Get your copy today right here.

✿ •*¨`*•. Help Us Share the Joy .•*¨`*•. ✿

We’ve enjoyed sharing the joy of miniature gardening throughout the years and we have a ton of information that we have shared on our website, here on our blog, and through our Mini Garden Gazette. May we please ask you, if you have enjoyed or used our information for your miniature gardening, to consider making your next purchase from to keep this information free and accessible for everybody? We thank you in advance! Please visit our store here.

To sign up on our email list to get your weekly Mini Garden Gazette, go here.

✿ •*¨`*•. ✿ .•*¨`*•. ✿

Our Gardening in Miniature Book ships FREE this month ONLY during our Anniversary celebration. (For US only.)

Our Gardening in Miniature Book ships FREE this month ONLY during our Anniversary celebration. (For US only.)

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with

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MORE Miniature Garden Ideas for a Spooky Halloween!

Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

We’ve mixed a little Day of the Dead with Halloween this year.

MORE Miniature Garden Ideas for a Spooky Halloween!

Okay, I think I might just have a chance at legitimately scaring you this Halloween. But before I do, let me show you what ideas we’ve come up with this year for decorating your miniature garden for the big, yet scary, day.

Click to enlarge the photos. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Halloween Ideas for your miniature gardenSugar Skeletons

Besides our usual decorations, Steve and I have been loving wonderfully creative sugar-skeletons, or Calaveras as they are called in Mexico, that are now found with Halloween decorations (even though The Day of the Dead is a separate and very different day then our traditional Halloween celebration.)Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

The skulls that worked best were the bead-skulls because the features were smoothed-out and easier to color. Fine-tipped Sharpie markers worked the best as our miniature painting skills were so not up to par, especially painting on an uneven surface. The markers allowed Steve to make nice lines and dots exactly where he wanted to.

Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

You can see the other skull that Steve painted up on the picnic blanket. (During The Day of the Dead ceremonies, the Mexicans bring a feast and meet with their friends and family on the graves of their loved ones. Why leave the dead out of the party?)

Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

I can’t remember how this lamppost got so damaged, it was probably our dog’s doing when she was a pup. But I’ve kept it in the Halloween box for this very reason: to scare you. Okay, that wasn’t the big scare… keep reading…


Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

To make a grave stand out in the miniature garden, use a different texture from the rest of the plants for the top of it, like moss used here. Then we didn’t want a deliberate rim of stones around it, it looked too arranged, so we just alluded to it with a few here and there.

Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

Put it on a pedestal and paint it. Have fun in your minaiture garden by bringing something meaningful to it. Glue it to a pedestal and paint it to make it look like a statue. (I glued a tiny twig for the crow to stand on to make a place for him to sit.)


Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

Remember that you can paint your miniature pumpkins before or after they start to fade. If you are diligent about only using them for Halloween, they seldom fade in the sun.

Halloween Ideas for your miniature garden

Bird’s eye shot of the garden. This was the farm garden in our Gardening in Miniature book that needed a re-do. We decided to do a Halloween scene in it while we figured out the next scene.

(Here are photos from the Hobby Farm Garden.)

Okay, are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Here is our Halloween Horror in the Miniature Garden:

Like this? Like fun? Like miniatures? Like to garden? Lol! Join us here. 


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Back to the Future: Predicting The Miniature Garden Hobby

Miniature Garden by Two Green Thumbs

One of the first miniature gardens that we sold in 2001. The patio was made of sand and glass. This was built before I invented our Mini Patio Mix Kit, now anyone can create a custom, permanent patio that won’t wash away when you water nor when it rains.

Back to the Future: Predicting The Miniature Garden Hobby

It’s funny how an iconic movie from your childhood can make you think of the past, present and future at the same time. As kids we gobbled up those Back to the Future movies over and over. We all wanted to be Marty McFly and jump to the future to see what our family would look like too. The movie did a great job in making 2015 seem so far away it was unfathomable to think of.

Well, funnily enough, we predicted the future in our own way here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.

Tiny Gardener in a Tiny Mini Garden

We relied on tiny toys and dollhouse miniatures found at a local miniature store here in Seattle, Dolly’s Dollhouse.

Being the first business dedicated to the art and craft of miniature gardening, I forged ahead and just started it in 2001. Who knew that creating a business with no customers wasn’t the thing to do? Scouring business books for start-up information was the only thing I could find, the Internet was very limited at that point, but hey, you could order books from the library on it. Nowadays, all you have to do is input your question and Google will provide.

The history of Two Green Thumbs

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine (linked below) you can see where we first got the domain in 2001 and then got it up and running in 2004. Before the online store, we sold through eBay. (Click to enlarge.)

Wayback website:

Back to the Past: How to know if it was a good idea?

So how did I know if this miniature garden idea had legs when there was no one else doing it? It was my Ontario College of Art and Design training. During my last thesis Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with TwoGreenThumbs.compresentation with my painting instructor, Paul Young. I asked him how do I know if it’s a good painting or not? How do I know if the painting is finished? He said, “Now that you are the artist, if it excites you, it will excite others.”

In the first years of Two Green Thumbs, there were times where I would just be overwhelmed with ideas and stopped in the middle of my studio, trying to synthesize all the potential in my head. At the weekend markets, where we tested out the idea for years, there were people who would just stop in front of our booth and stare at the miniature gardens. There was no talking to them during this trance either – they were trying to get their head around the notion of a tiny living garden in miniature too. Witnessing this trance fed my desire to bring the idea to the world and, amazingly enough, we did, one person at a time.

And, needless to say, if you are a miniature gardener you don’t need me to tell you just how juicy this idea is. How often have you been lost in your miniature garden world?


Jump to the Present

Miniature garden by Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

The first miniature gardens were over-planted a little too much, and quickly outgrew the pot within a season, with little regard to the plants needs. We quickly learned “right plant in the right place” applied to miniature gardens too.

Nowadays, everyone is on the fairy garden bandwagon in some form or another. Stores that quickly copied our business model years ago, duplicating our inventory and launching their own online stores now focus on fairy gardening instead. A Google search on “fairy garden” now generates over 8,500,000,000 results. You’ll find large displays of fairy garden items at most local, independent garden centers.

Major big-box stores are now on board. You’ll find new miniature sections at Michael’s Crafts now, and seasonal miniatures for the garden at JoAnn’s Fabrics. Hobby Lobby has always carried dollhouse miniatures but the department seems to have grown exponentially. And, lastly, the number of tiny businesses online that specialize in fairy gardening, mistaking it for miniature gardening, are everywhere on the web.

And Now to the Future

We’ve stayed the course here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center and even though at times we’ve included the fairy garden idea into some of our inventory. blog and social media posts, we still stand firmly behind this miniature garden hobby.

We haven’t made the jump to the fairy idea in our business model because it wasn’t the fairies that entranced us to begin with – it was the miniatures and the garden.

Miniature garden by Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

Double-sided miniature gardens were not only fun to make, the clients loved them!

So, here we sit, still the leaders of the miniature garden hobby. Our plant selection is the best on the web, we offer true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs from America’s top grower. Our miniature accessories, collected from many sources around the world, are realistic, detailed, in-scale and for the most part, weatherproof, reusable and renewable – we simply don’t want to generate landfill.

So? Like this? Want to follow the leader? If you are serious about your miniature gardening, join us here for our new weekly Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. It’s fast, fun and informative.

And checkout the world’s first Miniature Garden Center for all your miniature garden needs – because, after all, we wrote the book on it too.



Book Cover - Low Res 008

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

Here is our eBook for Advanced Fairy Gardeners only. It’s an addendum to our Gardening in Miniature book. Click the picture for more info.


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